"The Malcolm X Assassination Plot "

The first historical letter of its kind to be released on the blockchain, acting as a Proof of Voice,” said Mr. Wood. The censorship resistant attributes of the blockchain, and the ability for anyone to own a piece of historical evidence, ensures that the truth will live forever.

“On this day 56 years ago, Malcolm X was assassinated for speaking truth to power. They may have taken his life, but they can’t silence his impactful voice as a prominent activist for the civil rights movement!”
-- Attorney Ben Crump

Malcolm X, age 39, was assassinated inside the Audubon Ballroom in New York City, on February 21, 1965, during a speech. Three men were all convicted of murder in the case, but only one admitted involvement and said the other two men were innocent.

According to Crump, the NYPD and FBI “orchestrated this meticulously” by working for weeks to coerce the two people Malcolm X depended on most for security into a “scheme to blow up the Statue of Liberty.” They had no violence in their past but fell for it and were arrested, and Ray Wood was the person who “coerced them to do this plot,” said Crump. This left the civil rights leader unprotected.

He said authorities used Ray Wood “as a pawn like so many Black people.”

“He conspired to help the NYPD assassinate Malcolm X,” said Reggie Wood.

These NFT make sure that this letter will always remain in history and enables everyone to have a piece of history


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Profits from the sale of the NFTs will go towards a scholarship that encourages individuals with a desire for justice and equality to receive a higher education on proper police conduct and criminal justice.