"The Cyberpunk Lost Tapes"

Cyberpunk Lost Tapes is a series of artworks with music created for or inspired by Arkandroid’s work for the video game, Cyberpunk 2077.

“When I was approached to write music for the game, I went into hyperdrive and begun creating day and night. In the process, I felt that some of the tracks had a personal vibe and had to be kept for my own release. Other tracks turned out to have a different vibe than what the producers had in mind so they didn’t end up using them.”

Always with a strong sense of concept, Arkandroid envisioned detailed worlds and alternate realities where this series of NFTs takes place, and is working with talented visual artists to make the images in his mind come to life and hide clues for the curious-minded.

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Planet Outrun is an alternate dimension where retro meets the future. Its high skyscrapers are surrounded by wretched, dangerous neighborhoods in the outskirts of the city. It's a place you go to escape and allow it to reveal its secrets as you speed through the streets at night. This first NFT by Arkandroid, is a collaboration with visual artist Andreas Mikhailidis.

Growing up, I was always daydreaming and creating worlds in my mind. I was fascinated by movies, comics, anime, video games; the action heroes with their larger than life personalities, the space ships that explored outer space, the robots and cyborgs that were trying to take over the world, the ninjas and their code of honor, the mutants and their superhuman abilities, and literally anything that featured “the grid”! And one day, as I was watching Once Upon A Time In The West at the age of 6 with my grandpa, it hit me. How awesome would it be if I was able to create music for these worlds in my mind, much like the masterpiece my ears were feeding on by the inimitable Ennio Morricone. That was a life changing moment. Right then and there, I knew… How did old comic books, Arcade games and spaghetti Westerns connect with robots, aliens and super heroes? I didn’t exactly know back then; and perhaps I still don’t. But I feel that connection, much like the force, strong in me.


  • 1. Full track in 24bit/48kHz .wav format
  • 2. Full track and stems to experience the music in depth and remix. A separate license needs to be granted for any commercial release and/or use of a remix
  • 3. Full track, stems, physical copy in cassette (coming in a brand new walkman!) & early access to Arkandroid's upcoming EP (digital copy).

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