Reflect & Grow - GIF from "Blind Mirror - a Gi(N)ft from Sky" animation
by Chrissi
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From the new NFT series Blind Mirror – a Gi(N)ft from Sky. Original animation made by Chrissi for the love of our planet, created using graphics, imagination and 2 still photographs taken somewhere near the african savannah. Sales from this NFT will be supporting the projects of Created by: Chrissi Theodorakakos Photo credit: Johnny Toppon Story: It had been a long time since anyone cared for Sky. She tried to speak up through typhoons and thunders, blazing heat and fires but she heard nothing back. One day she looked closer and saw her children and lovers all wearing blinders and following the pipers. She ripped out a mirror from the wing of a car… and threw it with force on that desert land.. The mirror reflected her soul from within and a miracle happens that turned sorrow into a gift. You will receive a GIF made of 2 clips from the "Blind Mirror- a Gi(N)ft from Sky" animation. All rights not specifically granted herein are vested in Artist and/or Artist’s assignees.
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