Digi-physical NFT: Being Elijah - A token of Love
by Chrissi
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Elijah is a little boy living in the rural area of Mumbwa in Zambia. Every time he visits his uncle Chico’s orchard he shows up with the biggest smile and gets ready for “work”. This is a day in his life at the farm and the 8 lessons he is sharing with the world! This is an NFT only limited edition and the first issue of SekaiDonna’s very first on-line magazine created under the series “A token of love”. You will receive the PDF and we will be sending you a set of commemorative postcards of all the pages. Sales from this NFT will be funding the projects of SekaiDonna which supports & empowers under-privileged communities in the rural areas of Africa . Please check out our work at www.SekaiDonna.com . All rights not specifically granted herein are vested in Artist and/or Artist’s assignees. WRITTEN & EDITED BY: Chrissi Theodorakakos PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Toppon
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