African Art: Makenge Baskets - Zambia
by Chrissi
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Makenge Root Baskets - Museum quality: In the Western Province of Zambia lie Mongu and Kaoma Districts, not far from the border with Angola. Mbunda and Lozi speaking peoples weave these rugged, beautiful, unique baskets. Due to how strong and stiff they are, people often comment that they seem to be made of wood. The Mbunda people long ago settled in the Lozi tribal area that is extremely isolated and known to be amongst the most deprived areas of Zambia. Basket weaving often provides the only opportunity for rural village women in the region to earn income to support their children and extended families. The Makenge tree grows only a few yards high and sends out a long shallow root. The roots are boiled and sometimes dyed with natural pigments. When they are dry, the women weave the baskets. The entire process takes about six months. These are working baskets used in daily life for storage, winnowing and holding water. These baskets, are known to be among the finest made in Africa. They are museum quality and an incredible testament to the weaving skills of the Mbundu and Lozi women of the remote Western Province of Zambia. These baskets are wall mountable and make a great display in a group on the wall, as an individual decorative piece on a stand or laid flat on a table. We will be sending you one basket of 45cm diameter which you can select from the 6 different designs. First come first served. Sales from this NFT will be funding the projects of SekaiDonna which supports & empowers underprivileged communities in the rural areas of Africa . Please check out our work at
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