Arkandroid, aka Dimitris Mann, is an electronic music producer and a composer for film, TV & video games. Fusing his talents as a skilled multi-instrumentalist with his obsession for analog & modular synths, award-winning composer, Dimitris Mann, has developed a unique voice in film and TV scoring by constantly exploring uncharted territories. He got his break in the film industry by working for prolific composer Hans Zimmer’s companies. He went on to lend his distinctive voice and style to more than 100 films (League of Legends: Origins, Captive), TV shows (Confronting A Serial Killer, Insomnia) video games (Cyberpunk 2077), VR experiences (A Safe Guide to Dying), trailers (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rambo: The Last Blood), and advertising campaigns (G4TV – Comic-Con 2020, Blizzard Entertainment, Spoke Studios). As a music producer, he’s worked with bands ranging from hip-hop and classical crossover to synthwave and metal.

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